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The Nucle Saga II Synopsis

After their latest heist at the Land of Tritons and suffering a great setback, Zindor, Rador, Rohya and Esha decide to resume their journey down south of Hasanatsia. Compared to the Mainlands, Hasanatsia is a new world filled with exotic creatures, people and strange lands. The four must come to terms with their previous choices, and their journey strengthens them.


Down south, they encounter an ancient controversial figure from the past, an acquaintance of the Axal Emperor Grimoran himself. The Axal Empire seems to be stronger than ever, and the North Eastern Alliance is weakening.


Meanwhile, Eroberer leads his band of men against tremendous odds. Moreover, Nebu must resolve his troubled past and take tough decisions that split him between loyalty and conscience.


The Nucle Saga II is the sequel to the 2012 book: The Nucle Saga I.

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